Remembering 'Growth' and 'Excellence' as the education motto, the department of Electronics and Communication Engineering aims at developing engineering professionals with knowledge and career improvement along with human and social qualities necessary for the successful practice of the profession.

Together with constant encouragement and moral support by the group of qualified and experienced faculties, department of Electronics and Communication Engineering maintains good results. The well equipped laboratories and department library are available to motivate the students.

This department teaches the students the science and application of electronics principles, electronic circuit design, microprocessors, television engineering, and networking. The engineers of this discipline will be able to design devices and circuits for newer applications in industries or home. They will also be able to design networks for digital and radio communications. With their knowledge in electronics and skill in instruments like oscilloscopes and digital probes they will be able to troubleshoot any electronic devices and electronic component-based equipments also. Further specialization in Communication Systems is offered by the department in its Master degree programme in Communication Systems.


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