To create technical manpower for meeting the current and future demands of industry: To recognize education and research in close interaction with industry with emphasis on the development of leadership qualities in the young women entering the portals of the Institute with sensitivity to social development and eye for opportunities for growth in the international perspective.

  • To provide outstanding educators through well trained and enriched staff.
  • Advanced technologies like edusat, power point presentation & other new techniques.
  • By providing advanced laboratory equipments.
  • Conduction of mock placements for improving verbal, communication & problem solving skills which helps in campus placements & their future career lives.
  • New techniques of conducting classes with Wi-Fi connection making smart rooms, where particular staff engages the class by smart board
    • Advantage of this method over online teaching is
      • Each student can get face to face interactions.
      • Time can be saved
  • Since our college outskirts covered with dense forest area, particularly women’s are integrally empowered to wisher in sustainable development for improvement of life line totality.

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