EXCELLENCE: Enhance and promote learning opportunities to support the growth of students and employability.
The quality culture of the institute is based on the philosophy of continuous improvement, always stretching the performance boundaries to higher levels.

PROFESSIONALISM: To provide a conducive environment to enable the members of the staff develop their professional competence and accreditation in order to serve its stake holders to highest level of standards.

ETHICS: All the employees of the polytechnic will strive to be honest and accountable in work conduct of all matters.

LEARNER-CENTERED: The polytechnic in consultation with department of technical education and industries to review the curriculum, in which the teaching and learning activities are student centred and employability focused.

INNOVATIVE: The polytechnic will strive to manifest an innovative culture for continuous improvement of its stake holders and services at all levels.

EQUALITY: The polytechnic will be sensitive to diversified need of students, staff, faculty, as well as other stake holders from the wider community, irrespective of gender, tribe, and race.

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