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Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering is a three year professional undergraduate program offered by Govt. Polytechnic Rabakavi-Banahatti . Electronics and communication engineering is concerned with applying knowledge in electronics to facilitate communication and solve engineering problems. The curriculum is organized such that it enables students to get a strong foundation on various aspects of electronics and communication engineering such as digital systems, microprocessors and microcontrollers, electronic circuits, digital communication, and analog communication.

The department has well-equipped laboratories. These laboratories are designed enhance knowledge, and provide the necessary practical skills. The department encourages students to keep themselves equipped with the knowledge of their field. Students are exposed to various fields of engineering like microcontrollers, and embedded system design.

Program Duration -
Three years Full Time Diploma Course in Electronics & Communication with an intake of 60 students.


I 33
III 43
V 26
Staff Details
Permenent Faculty Details   Adhoc/Guest Faculty Details   Lab Instructor
1.Shri Sanjeev Kullur - Deputed to Higher Education   1. Shri Shivaling Ninganur   Shri Shridhar Muddapur
2.Shri PrashanthNAik B G - Lecturer   2. Kumari Bhagyashree Pattar    
3. Shri Prasad R Mavarkar - - Deputed to Higher Education   3.Shri Akash Killedar   Group D
4. Shri Gurupadappa Kotagi - HOD       Shri Gururaj
5. Shri Ravikumar Sajjanar - Lecturer        














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