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  • Industrial Visit by Mechanical Students of Our Organisation Click Here to VIew
  • Dewarming Day  celebrated in college on 25/09/2019 Click Here to VIew
  • Freshers Day Function and Engineers Day Celebration in College on 15/09/2019 Click Here to VIew

                                Chief Guest : 1. Honorable  MLA Shri Siddu K Savadi ( Terdal Assembly Constituency)

                                                          2. Shri Yasavanth Vajantri

  • Personality Development Class by  Swami Tyagraj Maharaj – Shri Ramakrishna Sharadamba Vivekanada Spiritual Centre Mudhol  on 12/09/2019 Click Here to VIew
  • Teachers Day Celebration in College by the Students on 05/09/2019 Click Here to VIew
  • Fund Collection for CM Flood Relief Fund by the Students of Our Organisation in RAbakavi-Banahatti Town on 22/08/2019 Click Here to VIew
  • Independence Day Celebration in College on 15/08/2019 Click Here to VIew
  • Celebrated Kargil Vijiyotsav on 26/07/2019  Click Here to view

                Chief Guest :  Shri Rangappa Aalur (Kargil Yodha)

  • World Environment  Day 2019(June 5th 2019) - Celebrated in our college by Planting Tree  by
    Senior Civil Justice(Rabakavi-Banahatti) - Smt Reshma Goni, Junior  Civil Justice(Rabakavi-Banahatti) - H Shweta , Zonal Forest Officer  Shri S D Bababladi Muncipal Commissioner  (Rabakavi-Banahatti) - Shri R M Kodage , Principal Shri Y N Doddamani     Click Here to view.



  • National Voters Day Celebration   at our Institute  - 25.01.2019  Click Here to view
  • Republic Day Celebration at our Institute  - 26.01.2019  Click Here to view
  • Observed two minutes of Silence on the Account of Martyr's Day -Jan 30th 2019  Click Here to view

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