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Imparting quality and moral education in pupils and creating vigorous, innovative and technically sound engineers, who can sustain in this competitive world.


The Department of Computer Science & Engineering was established in the year 2008. Today all social activities right from calculations, railway booking, shopping etc... are done through the computer. All these are internally done using software. The students who learn computer science and engineering diploma will be learning various skills which are needed to make oneself capable of creating software programs. The teaching faculty is continuously putting their continuous effort to impart the skill, which are must to a job seeker in this competitive world. The system engineers are putting their best effort to provide security, as it more concerned to the users, who relying on software systems using the methods from various subjects like mathematics for Cryptography. As computer science is incepted in engineering course in recent times, it is making best effort to provide various services to people from rural to urban users through much kind of activities

  1. Telephone bill payment
  2. Hospital management
  3. Banking management
  4. Online seat reservation in rail, bus, planes etc...
  5. Keeping government records for an infinite period of time, as a REPOSITORY


The students will be imparted with knowledge of computer networks which is of greater demand by MNC’s and also the logical thinking which is of greater importance to any employee.

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