Electronics and communication Engg

       Electronics is the revolution we use a numerous products in our daily life they all are developed by electronics engineers. It all involves how we use flow of current, gases semiconductors, or other conducting and non conducting materials. Now Electronics in itself is a vast field but generally it is combined with telecommunications. Telephony is a sunshine sector as telephone provides connectivity and connectivity is heart of everything .Various telecommunication technologies have been developed like radio waves, microwaves, wireless technology etc. The biggest example we can see in our day to day life is the Internet which is now available in very household.

Staff List:

Name of the staff


K.M. Krishna  B.E. ,M.tech


M.J.Pavithra B.E., M.tech


M. Suma B.E., M.tech


M.H.Vanitha B.E., M.tech


Nirmala  B.E. ,M.tech


B.N.Sunitha B.E. ,M.tech







To impart quality education to meet the needs of society in the fields of electronics & communication engineering with value based technological education and characters in the minds of younger generation.





  1. To impart knowledge in the field of electronics & communication with a focus on developing required competencies.

  2. To provide a value based education by promoting activities addressing the social needs.

      3. To build up knowledge and skills of students to face challenges in  various industries.



Facilities and Infrastructure: 
•Analog Electronics Lab
•Logic Design Lab
•Microcontroller Lab
•Analog Communication Lab
•Digital Communication Lab
•Microprocessor Lab


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