Computer Science and Engineering

            Computer science is an integral part of our daily life. It is the most important element in the education of students to present and the future era. Computer Technology has revolutionized society to a great extent. Technological advancements are so rapid in this field , so continual learning is essential to keep the skill set of students up to date.

Staff List:

Name of the staff


P.R. Ashalatha


Rekha S. Kambli


Arpitha Swamy


Nandini M.




  • The department of computer science and Engineering, provides a suitable learning environment which helps students to develop technical skills and capable of applying knowledge to become a responsible software engineers.


    • Continuous learning process for the students to get hardware and software knowledge to accept any challenges.

    • Establishing an effective relationship between institute and industry.

    • Support society by developing multi artistic environment to work with human and professional ethics and responsibilities.



  “The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery”. Proving this, the department has a very good team of highly qualified and talented faculty members who play a vital role in producing quality Diploma Personalitites. Our department has a blooming bunch of cohesive groups working towards attaining global excellence in academics activities. The students are encouraged by the faculty members to participate in curricular activities.

                 The department has the complete freedom in designing the curriculum based current technological trends. Also, the department strives hard in improving the communication skills, technical and analytical skills of our students through various programs, so that they could compete in the global front. We focus on bridging the gap between campus education and industry needs through  guest lectures and workshops.       

Facilities and Infrastructure:
Institute is aiming to provide classic infrastructure and so has taken initiative in setting up different laboratory for different subject like Computer-Programming Lab, Data Structures Lab, Database Management Lab, Software Testing Lab,  Computer Networks Lab.  


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