Govt. Polytechnic, KRpete is serving as a Training Centre under Community Development Through Polytechnic with the coordination of Department of Technical education and MHRD, Govt of India .Under this scheme besides the running of non- formal training courses of three to six months duration for rural youth for gainful employment, Technology is also transferred through extension centres and Technical services are provided to the rural community.

Objectives of the Scheme of CDTP:

  • To carry out Need Assessment Surveys to assess the technology and training needs;
  • To impart Skill Development Training to the intended target groups;
  • To disseminate Appropriate Technologies for productivity enhancement;
  • To provide Technical and Support Services to rural masses and slums dwellers;
  • To create awareness among the target groups about technical advancement and
  • Contemporary issues of importance.


Activities of CDTP in our Polytechnic

  • Need Assessment Surveys:
  • Skill Development Training:
  • Dissemination of Appropriate Technologies:
  • Technical and Support Services:
  • Awareness Programs:

In the training programmes , the trainees are imparted training in the fields of IT, Domestic Wiring & Motor Winding , Farm Machinery Repair & Maintenance, Welding, Plumbing, Cutting & Tailoring, Garments making, Mobile Servicing, Beauitician and Hair dressing etc.

Extension Centers

  • Sindagatta
  • Kikkeri
  • Pandavapura
  • Marenahally
  • Maduvinakodi
  • Mandhagere
  • Akkihebbalu
  • Kyathanahalli
  • Aichanahalli
  • Moodanahalli


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