Electronics and Communication


To provide technical education & skills in the area of Electronics & Communication Engg to be more innovative, dynamic and ethical values for development of society.



  • To create technicians in the area of Electronics & Communication Engg. who shall contribute towards life long challenges of the future world.
  • To impart value based education to raise satisfaction level of all stake holders.
  • To induce ethical values & leadership abilities in the minds of students so as to work towards growth of the society.
  • To impart technical knowledge & soft skills for employability & entrepreneurship


The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) was established in 1996, has an intake of 60 students with 6 faculty members. The Department is headed by Sri. Vishwanathgouda G K.
The focus of the department is to produce quality students with strong fundamentals in electronics and communication domain. The department has excellent infrastructure with state of the art equipment and software tools. The department is having computer centre with over 40 computers catering to student needs.

Laboratories with UPS support:

  • Analog Lab: Advanced Tektronics Digital CROs, Advanced Function and Random signal Generators, LCR meter, Frequency meter, Fibre Optics Kits, Digital Multimeters.
  • Digital Lab: Digital Trainer kits, DPSK and QPSK Kits.
  • VLSI Design Lab: Xilinx FPGA Trainer Kits with interface module.
  • PCB Design Lab: Multisim, Altium circuit maker Software Tools.
  • Edusat Lab: LCD Projector, OHP, Interactive Panel, Settop Box, Audio System.
  • ARM Controller and 8051 mirocontroller Kits and their interfacing modules.

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