Center for Continuing Technical Education in Karnataka (C.C.T.E.K.) functions as an autonomous governing body. It contributes to technical education programs in all the areas. The target group comprises of community people, working class, students etc.

Sub center of C.C.T.E.K. at our institute is housed within the polytechnic. The funds generated from the programs run by CCTEK can be used for the overall development of the institution.


  The major thrust is on the Continuing Education Cell which encompasses the needs of the Industry, Business and Community by organizing short/full term training programmes.  With new economic avenues opening up, especially with the introduction of liberalization, privatization and globalization policies by the Govt., the need of the personnel working in the above areas demand upgradation of their skills to match the introduction of new technologies.  These are the areas where the Continuing Education Cell plays a great role in organizing programmes to meet the demand.  Running of programmes would generate revenue which is utilized for the overall development of the institution as and when decided by the Advisory Committee of the institute.
    In addiditon, the Continuing Education Cell identifies the needs of the students for easy employability by giving suitable inputs through guest lectures, Indistrial visits and updation of the syllabus periodically to include technological changes with active participation from Industry / Business and Professionals.

The decisions regarding CCTEK activities are taken and coordinated at the polytechnic level by committee comprising of Principal, all the department HODs and senior faculty. C.C.T.E.K has organized many short term training programs and will continue to do so

.Sri. Venkata Reddy K.V Selection Grade lecturer in Mechanical Engineering Department, is working as CCTEK Manager.

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