National Service Scheme (NSS)

 National Service Scheme was launched in the year 1969 under Matama Gandhiji`s centenary with the aim of education through service .NSS has a wonderful legacy and carries forward the vision of our great leaders who fought for the Independence against the British. NSS is a powerful instrument for National integration .It predominantly teaches our students to develop compassion and empathy towards those who are in great need.

From the well known slogan “ Ask not for what your country can do for you ,but what you can do for your country “ It has inspired the young hearts to serve the country with zeal and commitment. For the encouragement purpose the NSS students are even addressed as the “Peace Cops”.

In the spirit of “doing for your country “ though the NSS unit began at our institution in the year 1998. we have 100 students as NSS volunteers. our volunteers who have been a helping hand in organizing various who have been a helping hand in organizing various programmes held.We still have the potential to expand our volunteer membership and remould & rejuvenate our NSS unit to make it more vibrant one for the polytechnic under the guidance ,leadership & support of our principal,

The motto of NSS is “NOT ME BUT FOR YOU” so the time has come for our NSS unit to mobilize the volunteers to play their role & take active participation for the benefit of our institution , society, & our nation.

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