Mechanical Engneering

The department of Mechanical Engineering is functioning Way back in since 1960 the day the college was started in order to cater the needs of students of Bidar. Since its inception the department is graduating needful students in the field of mechanical engineering.
Initially, 30 students were being admitted to the program in the first year. Later on the intake capacity increased to 65.
The mechanical section has core laboratories such as power engineering, hydraulic engineering & design engineering. In addition taking into the consideration of new curriculum more advanced labs such as computer programming, CNC, mechatronics, solid modeling, mat lab and computer aided graphics lab were commissioned. The curriculum has gone a drastic change from its earlier days to present scenario where conventional drawing has been replaced by computer aided graphics. Design courses have been restructured alongwith manufacturing courses by including CIM. More thrust is towards management and computer oriented courses.

The Mechanical Section has sufficient and competent faculty to take care of theoretical and practical curiosity of the students coupled with other strong supporting teaching staff it is force to reckonwith. The section has been running the program and courses regularly and authoritatively. The program emphasis both theoretical and practical curriculum assessment. Started as a yearly program, in the year 2003 the program has been formulated to by semester academic. The workshop section trains Civil Engineering and Auto Mobile Engineering in addition to Mechanical students.


The section was started with an aim to train students to make them self employed. After completion of three years/6 semester program the diploma engineers are able to start their own manufacturing, servicing and sales units. Apart from they may opt for finding gainful employment in various Government, Public Sector Undertaking, such as KEB, PWD, Irrigation, Transportation, Armed Services, CPWD, CPC, Teaching etc.
The students may opt out for private sector and multinational companies. They may prefer to go in for refrigeration and airconditioning areas. The government is supporting and providing ample opportunities. And incentives for students wanting to venture out on their own. The government is providing subsidized land for electricity capitol for various entrepreneurs. The diploma mechanical engineering have scope in all the areas of civil engineering and military engineering.

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