Civil Engineering Department


The Government Polytechnic, Bidar is a premier center of Technical Education established in the year 1960.  It started off with three faculties viz., Civil, Mechanical and Electrical engineering with an intake of 30 each.   This institution was set up in an area of 13.14 acres.

The civil engineering department of this institution has good faculty, well qualified academicians in every field of civil engineering. It also has well equipped laboratories viz., Hydraulics & Environmental, Material Testing, Surveying, computer and construction workshop.

In hydraulics lab students study a phenomena   related to dynamics of water, sediment and contaminant transport through water ways, flood plains and wet lands. The environmental lab helps the students in meeting the challenge with innovative solutions, we can tailor them with our platforms to meet any requirements whether servicing a city drinking water supply system or remedial site work or performing investigations.

The material testing lab helps the students to evaluate material quality, performance, research and many other applications.  The surveying lab provides the students with hand on experience to supplement instructions in surveying courses where by students will be exposed to surveying measurement methods with new techniques.

The Construction workshop trains the students to be qualified with engaging themselves in the work of construction of roads, bridges, buildings, and other infrastructural facilities which are essential for development of our nation.

There is no compromise when it comes to adopting a professional approach in education; the course has been designed to bring the dormant professional in every aspect that has relevance in the contemporary world.  It has been identified to create a platform of knowledge i.e. spring board of professional careers. 

The academic aspects of Civil Engineering are not far behind as the students brought good results and are well employed in various public sector, central government and state government and private organizations.


  • To ensure academic success of every student
  • To impart necessary skills for his/her successful career
  • To mould students as good human being and useful citizens
  • To provide exposure to industrial practices
  • To provide exposure to recent advances in the field of civil engineering
  • To achieve the better understanding of theoretical concepts of field practices through well designed experimental programs.
  • To establish harmonious relationship between students and staff by progressive proctoral system.
  • To create ambience for identity and encourage highly talented students who excel in academic sports and other co-curricular activities.



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