Government Polytechnic Bantwal is a government institute headed by the Department of Technical Education, Karnataka and supported by Principal & all the staff who will impart technical teaching to all the eligible candidates in the fields of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering and Computer Science Engineering. 

      The teaching will be by qualified and dedicated lecturers, instructional support staff and aided by well equipped laboratories, workshops and resource center. It identifies requirements of local community and accordingly arranges training program in the institute and expose them to industrial training and facilitate the better interaction between institution and industry. It arranges sports, cultutral activities, student welfare activities, staff and student amenties, NSS environmental awareness and also provide counselling regarding self employment opportunities. 

        It gives opportunities to develop innovative skills among the students by taking up the project work, preparing models etc. Bantwal is a government polytechnic, which provides quality training to eligible students and prepare them well to suit the needs of the industry, services, self employment,  innovative and succeed as good citizen. The training would be in a conductive environment of safety and care taking and by a set of qualified, dedicated staff who are keen on self development and responsive to change. It also provides opportunities, leadership in continuing education in the field of technical education by the way of a continuing education and non-formal education cell. 

        We are commited to accomplish the following 

  • To strengthen our skills with industry and community through testing consultancy and training.
  • To provide a platform for transfer of technology, support services , technical services by community polytechnic schemes.
  • To provide technical education that produces technicians who are versatile, innovative, entrepreneurial, globally competitive and imbued with high ethical standards and social responsibility.
  • To initiate and participate in community activities that will serve as avenues for applying knowledge in engineering for the benefit of the community.
  • To establish mutual assistance with the government, industry and other institutions in the areas of engineering education, research and extension services.
  • To undertake revenue generating activities to achieve self sustainability by conducting program through CCTEK.

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