Objectives(as given in the guidelines):

"To develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic action to improve the academic and administrative performance of the institution".

"To promote measures for institutional functioning towards quality enhancement through internalization of quality culture and initialization of best practices".


Mechanisms and procedures which can be adopted to achieve the IQAC ives.

  • Mechanisms like SAKAALA scheme for timely implementation and efficient performance of academic, administrative and financial tasks (for students , teaching & non teaching and administrative staff of the institution) shall be implemented.
  • Relevance of quality of student’s projects and their usefulness to the society shall be observed.
  • Mechanism already exists such as online admission process for equitable access of all the programs to all the sections of the society.
  • Steps should be taken to adopt innovative methods of teaching and learning (through charts, models,seminar and ppts in all courses)
  • For SEE already a credible evaluation procedure exists. For CIE measure should be taken like providing model answers, scheme of evaluation to all the students.
  • Based on student intake of each program allocation of support structure and services should be distributed.
  • Networking with other institutions in the state through video conferencing, google handout etc.can be implemented.


Functions of the IQAC and their implementation:

  • List the various academic and administrative activities and fix the benchmark/parameter to each such activities.
  • Access to internet facility to all teachers and students shall be made through Wi-Fi.
  • Adopting the midsem and endsem feedback system for academic performance evaluation of teachers by students( already existing).Feedback from stake holders shall be impleted.
  • All quality parameters fixed by institution, department, government, regulatory bodies shall be disseminated to all the staff members of all the programs.
  • Organisation of workshops/seminars in consultation with the program heads/senior staff members.
  • Documentation of all workshops/seminars by the respective programs and submission of the same to the IQAC cell of the institution.
  • Best practices adopted related to quality in one program shall be disseminated to other programsof the institution.
  • Development of maintenance of institutional database shall be made with the help of computer science program department.
  • Development of quality culture through awareness programs to students and staff.
  • Preparation of annual quality assurance report (AQAR) as per guidelines of NBA/NAAC.


Composition of  IQAC required as proposed in the  NAAC guidelines. 

Chairperson           -  Principal

Co-ordinator          -  Senior Staff/HOD

Members               -  Registrar

   - Senior Staff/HOD  (3-8 members)

   - One Student

   - One alumni

   - One Employer/Industrialist

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