Electronics and Communication Engg

Electronics and Communications Engineering is about electronic components, integrated circuits and microprocessors and consists of design, fabricate, tst, maintain and supervise the manufacture of electronic equipment. This branch Of Engineering has a key place in the field of computers, Information Technology, Electrical, power system operations, communication systems etc..

           The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, GPT Athani has always been on a progressive path, with the help of highly qualified & experienced staff, who have a strong commitment towards providing quality engineering education. The Department offers state of the art laboratories to conceptualize & train the students on the important aspects like digital electronics, advanced communication technology & ded systems.

E & C Lab:

In order to meet the present technological requirement in Electronics & Communications, DTE has provided the state of the art equipments, software emulators in the presently existing Digital and Analog Electronics Circuit lab, Advanced Communication, VHDL and MAT lab, Microcontroller lab and Project lab for the final year students.

These labs not only support the lab curriculum but also are used to perform basic experimental research in digital and analog electronics circuits.

Well equipped Electronics lab with state of the art machines supported by the most advanced software such as Turbo C, Multisim, Xilinx-7, MAT-7.0.4 and Keil ยต-version can be conducted in this lab.

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